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Roller Derby Gear Rack

$ 64.95

The Roller Derby Gear Rack is a wall mountable rack to hold all of your derby gear. 

It holds two pairs of skates. If you only have one pair a skates, you have an extra shelf for equipment. There are six arms for your two wrist guards, two elbow pads and two knee pads. There's also two hooks for helmets. There's also some holes at the top for extra toe stops or tools.

This item ships flat packed and is easy to assemble as you can see in the assembly video on the right side of this page.  It mounts onto the wall using simple screws that go straight into the stud. As the rack is only 13" wide, it only takes up one stud.

The wood is left unfinished, so you can use it as is or apply your preferred finish. The plywood is high quality "A" rated hardwood that is better than anything you can find at Home Depot.

Pieces for this product are milled on a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) router. The CNC gives an incredible amount of precision, so the pieces are cut to high tolerances. This makes for a tight fitting product that is stronger and more durable. It also means, all the cuts will perfectly straight resulting in a better looking product.

Shipping is done within the United States via FedEx Ground.